Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Three Squares

Three Squares
I couldn't pass them up. Hot pink, embroidered fabric, origin unknown. In each, a spiral of life, with delicate spring green accents along the edges. They had been cut from another fabric, maybe a garment, maybe a quilt. They were absolutely irresistible. But why, my husband asked, mystified by the way in which I was drawn to them. "Look," I said, after dragging him into the funky fabric shop in Taos, New Mexico. "What do you suppose they are?" It was a rhetorical question. All the while, my hand was searching though my purse.
He shrugged, mildly irritated. "Why do you care? Why does it matter?"
"Well, someone, somewhere, made them. Perhaps they made more than these three. They beg to be considered."
"You could say that about most anything," he stated, more irritated, and now claustrophobic. "Carburetors, for instance. Wheel bearings" Each to his own.
The tiny shop had fabric racks on every wall, while the middle of the shop was crammed full of buttons and threads, and quilt squares, and books and needles and every sort of sewing paraphanalia, displayed like a bazaar at the Kasbah. "Anyway, you don't even have a sewing machine. I can't get you to mend my socks or sew on my missing buttons!"
"That is an entirely different thing," I retorted, finally locating the outlines of my wallet. "Look, if you're uncomfortable in here, why don't you go across the way and look in the antique map place? I'll catch up with you in a sec. This place feels like Shangra La to me. I feel the need to roll around in here a few minutes more, soak it all up, touch everything, examine it all once more, to remember it forever. Go, go go! I know you hate it in here. Go!" And so he did, a knowing look on his face. He knows me so well.
I went back to the sales desk, and pulled out my wallet, and, darned, bought these three beautiful hand-embroidered squares. For what? Who knew? It was like true love. One glance, and you know. I just had to have them. They slid into my big purse so nicely, flat against the side.They were mine now. I know I glowed in a way that had nothing to do with the stuffy little shop's thermostat. There were three possibilities in my possession, and I was gleeful. My friend, the sculptor Stewart Fink always says that two is a question and three is an answer. They were, indeed an answer.
Today, I had to sew on a button, and there they were. My three little pink squares. I had almost forgotten about them. They are as ravishing today as they were then. But something has changed. Now, there is Anna, our fabulous grandbaby, only three and a half months old. Who knew she was coming back then? So now, the squares are going to be for her. They'll be pockets or decoration on some beautiful outfit. It's a matter of gilding the lily, of course, but, I knew they'd be just the thing some day! Shop on!


Anonymous Carrie HG said...

There couldn't be any better use for those squares than Bananna! She's the most amazing baby!

8:25 AM, September 07, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BJ, this is Dan Mess, liz and eric's tall goofy friend. I really like the writing on your site - i just wish there were MORE! Keep updating! :-)

5:33 AM, September 16, 2006  

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